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Atlanta, Georgia, – (WHNT) Saturday’s SEC Championship game features two teams with two very different goals. Alabama is playing for a berth in the College Football Playoff as well as it’s 24th SEC crown. Missouri has not won a conference championship since 1969, and even with a win would not be selected for the playoff.

The two coaches however, are very similar. Nick Saban and gary Pinkel played college football together at Kent State, before beginning successful coaching careers at the same school. They remain good friends to this day, and talk regularly.

Personally, I would be torn in situations like this. Of course you want to win the game because of all the hard work you and the team put in. On the other hand however, it’s bitter-sweet to earn such a win at the expense of a good friend. The predicament made me wonder how Nick Saban was handling his emotions this week. I asked a personal question Friday, and received a very personal answer. Click on the video player above to hear what Saban had to say.