Nick Saban, Gus Malzahn and more golf in Regions Tradition Pro-Am

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – It’s not every day we see Alabama and Auburn coaches on the golf course together, but that’s exactly where several of them were Wednesday at the 2019 Regions Tradition Celebrity Pro-Am. Nick Saban, Gus Malzahn and Bruce Pearl were just a few of the celebrity golfers in Birmingham. Let’s not forget the fact that Coach Saban had hip replacement surgery 16 days ago; he listened to his doctor’s and didn’t play the 18 holes but he did participate in the putting contest. The 67-year-old was walking well showing few signs of having any issues with his hip and says his rehab so far has been a success. “This is one of those things you know when you’re an athlete you’re always trying to push it to get to the pain you know no gain without pain, but this is one that you wanna push it but not to the pain so I’m trying to adjust to that,” Saban said. “The rehab has been great you know we have a great medical staff so those guys have really done a nice job with me.”
Alabama A&M head football coach Connell Maynor was also one of the celebrity golfers. Coach Maynor says this is not only a great event and cause to be a part of, but he also believes it’s important for him to get out and show his Bulldog pride as much as he can so players and other coaches keep learning about the A&M program. “We want to be seen as much as possible and get out and show off our brand and try to recruit every time we get out and just put our name and our face out there,” Maynor said. “The more you hear the more you see the more opportunity you have to come there and we want everyone to know we’ve got a good product and showcase it.”

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