Missy Tiber talks UNA’s latest signing class, expectations for upcoming season

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – In its first two years in division one, UNA Women’s Basketball put together back-to-back 20-win seasons. Although five seniors will be moving on, head coach Missy Tiber hopes her incoming signees and returning players continue to build on an already solid foundation.

Rocco DiSangro: You signed two players in the class of 2020-2021. Tell me a little bit about Jade Moore and Eyglo Oskarsdottir.

Missy Tiber: You got it right that’s right Eyglo I’ll tell you about her first. You know 6-4 from Iceland. To be honest we were contacted by some of her coaches. She’s 6-4 and long but she’s extremely mobile and we like to play up and down so you have to be able to move to play in our system and then Jade Moore I’m just really pleased with her. Extremely overall good skill set, can extend the defense. I think she’s somewhere between Jaila Roberts and Jada Bond as far as skill set goes. We have worked so hard to build our culture and we have to work even harder to protect it and I think with both Jade and Eyglo they’re going to do just that.

RD: Five seniors moving on. What do you think that some of the seniors and some of the underclassmen you have on this roster will take from them going forward?

MT: I think they’ll take a lot obviously they were great examples. Those five worked tremendously hard and everything that they did on and off the court, skill development in the classroom. Whatever it is they worked hard. So I’m just I’m really thankful for them and what they meant to our program and I’m extremely grateful for all the positive energy that they rubbed off onto our younger kids.

RD: You get to the ASUN Semifinals it seems like each year this team is getting closer and closer and closer to its goal which I can imagine is playing in an NCAA Tournament game. What are the expectations this year for this squad?

MT: We’re inching there like you said but we want to be prepared. We want to be able to say yes we can win the ASUN Tournament but yes we can play in the NCAA Tournament. We want to make sure we’re ready for that. Next year I haven’t thought about goals yet but it’s no different than what it has in years past. We want to go out there and put the best product on the court continue to play our style of kids with high character and win a lot of basketball games.