James Corden talks Trash Pandas

Minor League Baseball
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With a name like the Rocket City Trash Pandas, Madison’s new minor league baseball team was bound to be recognized on a national level.

Thursday night on the Late Late Show with James Corden, Corden commented on the name during his news of the day segment. You can find the full clip below.

After thousands of submissions and months of voting, Trash Pandas turned out to be the dominant favorite Wednesday.  It received 45 percent of the votes in the second round of voting. The “Rocket City” region identifier received 67 percent of the public’s votes.

Other names in the running included the ThunderSharks, the Comet Jockeys, the Moon Possums and the Space Chimps. The ThunderSharks came in second place, receiving 19 percent of the vote.

Work on the new baseball stadium continues in Madison. The multi-use development is expected to be finished by late 2019.

Matthew Higley of Lacey’s Spring made the team name suggestion. For submitting the winning name, Higley will get two box seats for the first five years of play. He also will get to throw out the first pitch at a home game.

BallCorps is working with branding company Brandiose to develop a Trash Pandas logo. The logo will be unveiled Oct. 27 at 6 p.m. in Dublin Park during a community celebration. A merchandise store is set to open Nov. 12 at Bridge Street Town Centre, next to the Apple Store.

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