Michelle Moore hoping for another season with UNA Softball


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Four years ago, Michelle Moore made the decision and signed with UNA Softball, and for the Wisconsin native, it turned out to be the right one. Sometimes in life you get thrown a curveball, and for Moore, and her fellow seniors, they didn’t know that March 11th would be the last time they took the field as a team. We spoke with Moore after her final season as a Lion was cut short.

Rocco DiSangro: Michelle, first and foremost thank you for joining me nobody could’ve predicted what was gonna happen. For you as a softball player, you’re about a quarter of the way through your senior year and this news breaks just what was your initial reaction?

Michelle Moore: Just knowing that there was potentially at that time we didn’t know it was a cancellation just a suspension, but just to have that sense of loss just knowing our season could be over and it’s put on pause right when we’re in that good spot and the fun part of it is coming, it really took us back and surprised us. We were just so confused we didn’t know what to think like what to feel and it was a really confusing time for all of us. 

RD: The NCAA has offered the possibility of potentially giving these winter and spring sport athletes another year for you that will be another year of softball your senior year again. Would you take that if given the opportunity?

MM: Knowing that there is that possibility, I’ve been considering it and looking at my options to see what it would be like to be able to continue that school wise. I’m supposed to graduate this May, it was supposed to be my last year, but now that I have that opportunity to possibly come back and play, I’ve been trying to figure out the logistics of it of what will it look like if I did come back. What would be the class schedule and everything like that. 

RD: You know usually you’re practicing day in day out and then playing games, you can’t do that right now. What have you been doing to pass the time?

MM: Yeah, it’s been really weird not having my day full of activities from here to the next to the next but I’ve just been working on homework, school hasn’t stopped even though softball has. I’ve been trying to work our still and go outside and run when I can even though it’s a little cold but still trying to go outside and keep myself busy as much as I can. 

RD: What makes this team so special? 

MM: What makes this team so special is that we have a lot of seniors and a lot of underclass working together and really having the seniors push that younger class and they’ve been just taking it in and really working hard and we’ve had a really strong connection this year, and I think that’s what we were the most excited for is just the connection we have on and off the field.

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