DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Back in 1980, a young man named Jere Adcock began his football coaching career; now, more than 40 years later, Adcock has decided it’s time to hang up his whistle and retire.

Adcock has led the Decatur Red Raiders for the past 27 years; he finishes his career at Decatur with a 187-120 overall record and took his team to the playoffs in 21 of those 27 seasons.

The Red Raiders finished the 2022 season with a second-round playoff loss to Gardendale ending the year with a 9-3 overall record.

Adcock says he knew before the 2022 season began that he wanted this to be his last year coaching, and he’s thankful he got to close out his career with this group of young men.

“I kind of felt like as I watched this group progress and as they moved along that this might be it,” Adcock said. “My son and I talked about it midseason and he said, ‘Dad if you go out now, you’re going to be able to go out with one of your favorite teams, great memories and a coaching staff you love and he said with your career you deserve that.”

“There’s never been a day that I dreaded going to work. You have to enjoy your headaches almost as much as you do the good times because the headaches are challenges and it’s just something to help learn how to overcome,” Adcock said. “I’ve had a blast. I really can’t imagine what I’m going to do outside of football. It has been my life it’s consumed me almost to a fault sometimes, but I have enjoyed every bit of it.”

News 19 wishes Coach Adcock a happy and relaxing retirement; he certainly deserves it.