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On a typical day, Bob Labbe gets into his golf cart and drives from his home to the driving range.  Labbe then takes out a club from his bag, places a ball on a tee and swings.  

If his ability to keep it straight isn’t impressive enough, Bob Labbe is legally blind.

How does a man who can’t see well hit a golf ball?  Labbe has clobbered golf balls for 35 years.  Before he lost his eyesight, he played in several local golf tournaments.

“I’ve probably won 15-20 of them,” said Labbe.

That experience has helped him get a feel for the game that’s lasted a long time.

“He’s developed a swing where he can feel where the golf ball is,” said Jay McLelland, golf pro at Valley Hill Country Club, where Labbe plays.  “All good players will tell you, they play by feel.”

Bob Labbe’s story isn’t just about overcoming a disability, he wants to help others with their game and has simple advice for anyone who wants it.  

“Don’t try to manufacture a swing,” says Labbe.  “Mother Nature provided you a swing.  Look straight, bend over at the knees and hit it.”