Lawrence County Football gearing up for the season ahead


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – COVID-19 is affecting almost every sport you can think of including high school football, but nothing has been said about the state of the regular season just yet. Lawrence County head coach Rich Dutton talks about how his team is preparing.

Rocco: You and many other coaches around the nation and the state of Alabama are preparing like there’s gonna be a football season, but have you played any scenarios in your head that there may not be? 

Rich Dutton: Yeah that’s difficult to think about but that could be an option and there’s really nowhere to go to see how that’s been handled in the past so all I know to do is prepare and just be flexible and do whatever’s needed to be done

DiSangro: Many like yourself are making a big time adjustment right now. Usually you’re used to seeing these kids in person now it’s all virtual, how have you handled this whole situation?

Dutton: It’s been tough you know. We reached out and did a little draft day competition and obviously they’re getting some notifications from us myself and the coaches about what they could be going to keep their body in check and you don’t know all the parameters of what you can and can’t do. So yeah it’s been a bit difficult because you get so much from these kids this time of year. Kids get new maxes you start filling out your depth chart with how much somebody has grew over the offseason so you don’t really have those things but the only comfort I take with it is you know everybody else is in the same boat right now. 

DiSangro: Is there something you hope to accomplish entering this season that you may not have done so in the past?

Dutton: Well the longer you go, this is my ninth year here and I think it’s the longest anyone has been here at this school in one time. Just treating it like it may be the last time you ever do it and just making sure you slow down and enjoy it and leave no opportunities behind, give the kids the best shot, biggest brand you can possibly surface for your team and treat it like it may never happen again because we’re going to be so appreciative when it does open back up.