MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — West Morgan running back Jalen Fletcher may look like a smaller guy out on the field, but he’s got a big personality.

Fletcher plays multiple sports on top of playing multiple positions for the football team, making him a key athlete on the field.

“Jalen’s just a guy who comes in every day, don’t matter what goes on around him… Whether it’s school or outside of sports, he’s going to come in with a great attitude, great effort. He’s a tremendous leader,” said West Morgan football head coach Drew Phillips.

“He is somebody that I would want my kids to be like,” Phillips added.

Fletcher wears many hats – running back, wide receiver, and punt returner. But when you ask him and coach Phillips what play stands out in his career, they both have the same answers.

“I would say one he had against Rogers,” said Phillips.

“See I didn’t really know how much time was left. I just know I went right, and I cut back, and I was just seeing grass and I was going to score and that’s what I did,” Jalen said.

Entering his senior season, he was voted as preseason captain by his team – and as far as leadership style goes, he keeps it simple.

“I feel like I got swag when I do leadership,” he said, “I can’t even describe swag, I just feel like I have it!” Fletcher stated.

With one final year left to go in a Rebels’ uniform, his goal is to put up some swag stats.

“25 plus touchdowns in total,” he said, “I probably say 1,500 rushing yards if that, receiving yards, we’re just going to have to wait and see.”

Fletcher and the West Morgan Rebels will start off the 2023 season on the road at Randolph on August 25.