MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Senior Luke Songy didn’t really have any experience playing quarterback ahead of his final season.

Even in the summer practices leading up to that first game, he barely got any reps before lacing up. But in his final game, he had three rushing touchdowns, two passing and a pick-six in the Falcons’ win over Elkmont.

“Man, Luke is just a tremendous leader, tremendous athlete. He’s been getting it done for us all year. It’s kind of unique to have a kid that starts at quarterback and then turns around and starts at linebacker he’s kind of in the middle of the action all the time,” said JPII football head coach Chad O’Melia.

Luke has spent several years sporting a Falcons uniform, wearing many helmets in that time.

Running back. Wide receiver. Linebacker. Quarterback. The possibilities are endless, but one of the reasons he is so dynamic and multifaceted is because of his multi-sport nature.

“Shout out to the baseball piece, he’s a catcher in baseball and I think you kind of learn there how to take a hit for lack of a better term,” said coach O’Melia.

Stepping in as leader of the offense as quarterback was unfamiliar territory for the senior, but Songy says playing other spots on the field prior helped him.

“I’d say I could understand their jobs and give them like advice to help them execute and make us an overall better team,” Luke said. “And it just took me a couple of games and I would say by game four or five I was really comfortable back there.”

Luke is gearing up for the Falcons’ basketball season and then baseball, and after he shifts his tassel from right to left, he has committed to play baseball not too far from home at UAH.