HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Whenever you ask a football player what it is that they love most about this game, a lot of them will say competitiveness.

Grissom’s Jalin Edwards takes that to a different level, joking that he takes everything and anything seriously, including playing Connect4 – and not just the board game. He has the app on his phone to prove it.

That competitive spirit is just one of the many reasons he shines on the field.

He started playing football all the way back in third grade, but what piqued his interest was actually doing drills in his yard.

“I always had an interest before I started playing running in my yard running routes are trees, I just liked football always,” Edwards said.

Now, he is lacing up his cleats for his senior season in a Tiger’s uniform, and entering that final year, he is challenging himself to step up as a leader.

“It’s tough because he’s been an illustration leader,” Grissom football head coach Rich Dutton said. “‘I’m doing it right, watch what I’m ‘doing,’ and yes we’re challenging him to start adding some vocality to that. And it is hit or miss, but he’s doing a good job with it.”

“Honestly I’ve just been trying to instruct guys verbally like without them having to ask me. You know when guys ask me for advice, I’ll help anybody,” said Edwards.

With it being his final year of high school football, he wants to flip the script and put more in the win column this year for the Tigers.

“We’ve gone 3-7 the past two seasons, so it’s just changing the culture,” Edwards said, “Go to the playoffs – shoot, just be a better team honestly!”

“Some guys get satisfied, and that’s something I’ll never be,” he added.

And if high school football wasn’t satisfying enough, he will be taking his talents to Furman University after high school, signing with the Paladins last week.