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MADISON, Ala. – The 10th edition of the Madison Bowl was an instant classic; two schools in one community with just one team able to come out on top in a rivalry overtime thriller.

James Clemens got the win in OT courtesy of a running score from Jets senior Dante Snodgrass; with their fourth straight win over Bob Jones, the Jets get the Week Two Tyler Mann Team of the Week.

“It’s such an electric environment and there’s so many emotions and to have a rivalry game like that and the way we won it,” said Jets head coach Chad McGehee. “I think everybody enjoyed it but it was a little bit too close for me. We’re on a high right now being 3-0 and any win is a good win no matter how you get it.”

Snodgrass says that he was ready for the play call for him to score the game-winning touchdown and he’s thankful his coaches trusted him to get it done.

“I’m really proud of the way we fought and fought hard. We were all just together at that one time and we faced adversity and we just never pondered,” Snodgrass said. “It’s huge because they beat us down a lot when we were beginning out at the school so now that we’re the bigger brother so to speak it just feels great.”

2021 James Clemens Football Team

Jets junior quarterback Gio Lopez would normally be on the field in an overtime battle, but he was injured near the end of the game; even though he’s typically part of the big plays for James Clemens, Lopez says he never doubted that his team would be able to get the win without him.

“The play for overtime I was hurt so I was on the sidelines so Dante went in for heavy and I knew Dante was going to get in there,” Lopez said. “I believe in him more than I believe in myself sometimes so I trusted him I just watched from the sidelines and felt like a fan it was fun. It was crazy everyone rushing the field it was fun but also we need to get back to work because we’ve got a lot to work on. We all worked hard to get to where we’re at. A lot of us didn’t start where we’re at we earned our way up so I’m really proud of the way we worked this offseason and just being able to adjust to a new coaching staff and just understanding that we have to lead this team if we want to win.”

Up next for James Clemens, the Jets will host Class 7A Region 4 foe Austin on Thursday, September 9 at 7 p.m. at Madison City Stadium.