MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — James Clemens Football has another guy taking his talents to the collegiate level.

Darren Verhage, who played on the Jets’ defensive line in the 2021 season, has signed the dotted line and will be joining the Cumberland football program.

“They really wanted me,” Verhage told News 19. “They verbally tole me I was their number one recuit, which meant a whole lot to me. Cumberland almost felt like family, so I wouldn’t have to go in and be scared or anything. I could go in and most likely be accepted and be put in a very good program with people that care about me. The feeling of family is something that’s hard to replicate there.”

Verhage was recruited by schools all over the country, even one across the pond in England, but he felt like Cumberland was exactly where he needed to be.