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Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT) It’s not always easy to get noticed when you grow up in a house with 10 brothers and sisters. This weekend however, Trey Flowers has the spotlight. The former Columbia Eagle turned Arkansas Razorback is back home with his family one day before the NFL Draft.

“We’re going to cook a little bit. Throw something on the grill, Mom is going to cook the macaroni and cheese I like. It’s going to be a family gathering,” Flowers said from the very same couch where he plans to watch the draft. “Experts” predict Flowers to be drafted somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd round.

This isn’t just a big weekend for Trey, it’s also a massive moment for his father. Robert Flowers has an entire room full of his son’s trophies and pictures.

“It’s really a testament to his faith, and his prayer and work ethic,” Robert said while looking at some of Trey’s accomplishments. “He works hard. I told him hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard, and he made that a part of his life.”

It’s a mentality Trey applied to his life on the field and in the classroom. Many thought Flowers would enter the Draft after his junior season, but decided to stay one more year.

“Best decision of my life. To be able to get another year experience. I definitely improved my draft stock.”

He also improved his stock in life by earning a bachelors degree from the University of Arkansas. This whole football thing may pay the bills for now, but his diploma can be an example for his little girl Skyler. She’s the next athlete in the Flowers family.