Huntsville hosting national beach volleyball championship


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – When you think of beach volleyball, you probably think of somewhere on the coast and you can certainly find it there, but it’s also all over the country; this week, the best of the best youth beach players are competing here in the 256.

Over 300 teams from 24 different states are in Huntsville competing in the 2020 USA National Beach Tour Junior Championship.

This is an incredible opportunity for the city of Huntsville to host a national tournament like this; the championship is bringing in more than $700,000 to the city.

“We’re extremely excited to get sports going again back here in Huntsville,” said Huntsville Sports Commission executive director Ralph Stone. “This is a great opportunity and an honor for us to host such a prestigious event like the junior national championship for beach volleyball, so we’re very pleased to have this event here in Huntsville this week.”

The players competing this week are ages 12-18 and Damien Scott with Rally Volleyball says playing in a tournament like this is an incredible opportunity for athletes of all ages.

“It’s a huge experience,” Scott said. “This is where they’re gonna get pulled off for recruiting for colleges. This is where they want to be seen.”

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