Huntsville High hosts youth basketball camp

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Overheard in the gym at Huntsville High School: “Hey Alex you’re the next Kawhi Leonard!” While that may seem like a stretch to say that to an elementary school ball player, don’t tell that to the ballers at the Huntsville High youth camp.

Second through sixth graders from all over the Huntsville area came out for youth camp this week.

The Panthers had their last day of camp Thursday, wrapping up with the “NBA finals”, and it all came down to the Warriors taking home the camp championship title.

Huntsville boys basketball head coach Christian Schweers says the development of fundamental skills on the court is key at this young age.

“At a young age fundamentals are everything and this is the age where they learn fundamentals the most you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and so we’ve got a lot of young pups here this week and they were learning fundamentals and it was great,” Schweers said. “Another thing I think is great is just to be able to give them an outlet not being at home not being on video games and things like that.”

Schweers also says one of his favorite parts of this week’s camp is how many kids got to come out and play ball with the Panthers crew.

“The biggest thing was that we had kids from all over Huntsville from different areas and different backgrounds you get to rub shoulders with one another and I think that’s a big deal,” Schweers said. “One of my goals was to just use our platform here at Huntsville High to connect and give back to our community and I thought we accomplished that this week. I’m very proud of all the campers and I look forward to doing it again next year.”

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