HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – We are still months away from the start of hockey season, but on Saturday night, fans got a little sneak peek as the Havoc hosted their annual Red and Black game.

Not only did it give the near-capacity crowd a chance to enjoy hockey in the summer, but it lets the coaching staff find some new potential talent for the Havoc roster.

Over 40 players from across North America and Europe came to Huntsville this weekend for the summer tryouts. Athletes competed in multiple scrimmages in front of the Havoc coaching staff as they compete for a chance to join the team this fall.

Most of these players have never been to a Havoc tryout so these coaches are seeing completely new faces. It gives many recent college grads the chance to continue their careers a little longer while also potentially helping out the Havoc this season.

“We’re trying to find a diamond in the rough and there’s plenty of players out there that for whatever reason maybe didn’t get to play the level they wanted to or haven’t been discovered yet so we’re trying to find somebody that nobody else has found and can come help us. We’re not looking for anything specific, we’re looking for the best one or two players that just separate themselves from everybody else. So it’s nothing specific just which guy showcases themselves the best and feel like they can jump in with our guys and handle it,” Havoc head coach Glenn Detulleo said.

The coaching staff will make cuts next week to invite players to a full training camp in October.