HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Huntsville Havoc announced the list of players that they will protect from free agency for the 2022-2023 season. Havoc Head Coach Glenn Detulleo announced the list Friday.

The Southern Professional Hockey League allows each team to protect 13 players from the final roster, giving them exclusive rights to those players for the next year. The players on the list cannot sign with another SPHL team but can sign a contract with a team in another league.

The Huntsville Havoc protected list includes:


#8 Bauer Neudecker

#9 Bair Gendunov

#11 Jacob Barber

#14 Tyler Piacentini

#19 Sy Nutkevitch

#27 Kyle Clarke

#63 Nate Pionk

#77 Rob Darrar

#78 Cole Reginato


#2 Dom Procopio

#25 Carson Vance

#28 Derek Perl


#31 Hunter Vorva

The team is protecting their all-time leading scorer, Sy Nutkevitch, as well as Jacob Barber who scored 29 goals and had 34 assists. Another highlight of the list is goalie Hunter Vorva who led the league in save percentage and goals-against average. He also had three shutouts throughout the year.

Players that are not on the protected list cannot be signed to their previous team until August 1.