Huntsville Championship holds pro-am ahead of first round


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Golf is a great sport, but one that presents many challenges. If it were easy, many of us would be playing on The Tour. A pro-am gives amateur golfers a chance to walk in the shoes of a pro, playing the course with them and seeing how they approach each shot.

It’s not only an opportunity to be on their field of play, but to interact with them as well. The Huntsville Championship held its pro-am Wednesday ahead of the first round of the tournament. The top 30 pros participating each paired up with a group of amateurs for 18 holes.

The pro-am is a ton of fun for both parties, but also gives the pros a chance to scope out the course one last time before competition begins.

“Basically every Wednesday we play a Pro-Am,” said Nick Hardy, a professional golfer from Chicago, IL. “It consists of one pro playing with about four amateurs who come out and help out with the event and come play so we normally play all 18 as one pro does but now we’re starting to do a new format where a pro plays 9 holes and another pro plays the back 9 holes so the amateur gets to play with two different pros and more pros get to see the course the day before the tournament so yeah it’s a great deal here.”

Round one of the Huntsville Championship gets underway Thursday at 6:35 a.m.

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