How the end of softball season affects recruiting for junior college athletes like Boo Hayes


In athletics, the COVID-19 outbreak has canceled season and affected recruiting. Junior College athletes like Savannah “Boo” Hayes only get about two years from the time they step on campus to prove that they can play at a four-year program. The former Sparkman softball player lives in Athens and plays for Columbia State in Tennessee. She talks about the impact this has on her career going forward.

Rocco DiSangro: What went through your mind when you first heard the news that your season was being postponed and canceled?

Boo Hayes: Well when I first heard the news it was kind of devastating obviously because for a JUCO you’re only there for two years. Kind of heartbreaking for me because it was like for me this could possibly be my last year at my JUCO College, but then I heard the news that we were getting a year back, so that was kind of, it’s kind of a hard decision honestly for sophomores on JUCOs because you have to decide whether you’re going to go to a four year or if you’re going to stay.

RD: To not have that year, explain to the viewers just how tough that is.

BH: So not having the rest of my sophomore year to get my stats better to prove myself and to show other schools what I can do it’s tough because they just have to go off of 8 games we played for our season.

RD: Have coaches reached out to you and what were the conversations sort of like in that aspect?

BH: Yes sir, I’ve had some four-year colleges contact me. The conversation is just kind of like asking where my head is at. As of right now, we can not do anything until April 15th. We can’t talk about anything or have contact right now or anything like that, and then we’re still going through with the regulations at my JUCO college.

RD: What are you doing to stay in shape and keep softball in your life?

BH: So since the gym and everything are closed, I just kind of go outside around my neighborhood, run, do like the kind of workout from home because you can’t get in the gym you can’t lift weights. I’ll go out and throw with some of my friends we hit and stuff like that in a net and in a tee so it’s just kind of a lot of work from home right now since I can’t go out to the facilities and get everything done that I need to. It’s tough I mean we’ve never, no one in the softball community has ever been through anything like this. 

RD: What would be your message to young student-athletes, whether it’s at the high school, the college level, maybe your age to take away from this right now? 

BH: For the seniors out there in high school, I know this is tough it’s very tough. I couldn’t imagine being a senior in my high school and my season being cut short. I know it’s devestating. Just make the best of it, get yourself better for college if you’re in high school. If you’re in college keep doing what you know to do and just to make yourself better. 

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