TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) — We’re used to seeing Deshler girl’s basketball star Chloe Siegel put on a show here at the basketball court, and Friday night was no different.

In their game against Brooks, Siegel hit her 562nd career three-pointer, to set the national record for most career threes. For that, she is the Hiley Mazda Key Athlete of the Week.

“I knew she had to have four. When she got it, I called timeout and told her you broke the record and she was like ‘I did’?!’ And I was like yes, so she didn’t know the number she was on,” Deshler girls basketball head coach Jana Killen said. “It’s really unreal, it’s hard to even imagine that someone’s breaking a national record like you’ve hit more than anybody in the nation as a high school player.”

“The other team had called a timeout and she had said hey Reagan, will you get Chloe another three and I was like yeah I’ll get the ball to her, I know she can make it,” Deshler junior point guard Reagan Rickard added. “I knew something was up but I didn’t know it was a national record, but I’m not surprised by it, it’s Chloe, she’s been doing it since seventh grade, obviously.”

Siegel said the record actually shocked her.

“I was actually kind of shocked, I was just like oh my gosh, I didn’t know going into the game,” she said. “I didn’t know why she called a timeout, I was like ‘coach why are you calling a timeout’ and she was like ‘you just did it’ and I was like ‘did what?’ and she’s like ‘you just broke the national record!’ and I was like really? That’s pretty cool.”

So what does it take to hit 562 career three-pointers, more than any other high school girls basketball player in the country?

“A lot of practice, a lot of work in the gym, ever since I came over here in the fourth grade I spent countless hours in this gym just perfect my shot and different types of threes,” Siegel said, “I’ve had great teammates, I’ve always had great teammates over the years, I have such unselfish teammates, they’re some of the best things that’s ever happened to me so without them I wouldn’t be able to do this.”

“I’ve seen Chloe work so many times in here, so many late nights. I always know where she’s at on the court, always know I can get her the ball if we need a shot, if we need a three,” Rickard added.

“She shoots so many and she has such great range, she shoots so far out that by the time she actually gets to the three-point line, it’s like a free throw for her,” Killen said.

And while Siegel says it’s a cool honor, she has bigger goals to cap off her high school career.

“Win a state championship, just go back-to-back, that’s all we want is to go back-to-back,” Siegel said.

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