Danville running back Kane Hogan tackles cancer

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DANVILLE, Ala. – If cancer can’t stop Danville running back Kane Hogan, what chance do opposing defenses have?

On August 25, Hogan took the field for his last season opener in a Hawk’s uniform.  It was also his first game since his freshman year.

“I would look and i missed my sophomore season, junior season, I’m coming back for my senior season,” Hogan told WHNT.  “I’m coming back this is my year.  When I stepped on my field I was like I made it, that’s my goal.  I’m here.”

In January of 2015 Hogan began a fight that wold extend far beyond the four quarters on Friday night, when he was diagnosed with leukemia.  The leukemia forced Hogan to sit out his sophomore and junior seasons while he endured 120 weeks of chemotherapy.

Finally this summer, he was cleared to rejoin the team at practice.  “You know to get to see 14 jogging back out onto field, proud parent moment,” Danville head coach Josh LouAllen said.  “To see your boy get back on the field with his teammates, and his brother, to do what he loves so much.”

As big of a moment as his return to the field was, Kane says he’s more focused on getting his team to the post season than his own battle with something bigger than football.

“I don’t set my own goals really.  I like to have goals for myself but I’d rather have them for the team.  It’s not all about me, it’s about the team.  It’s about us winning, getting to playoffs, that’s my goal.”