High school baseball teams hope to continue season after pandemic

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High school sports teams all over the state have Alabama have had their seasons put on pause due to the growing spread and concern of COVID-19, including teams here in North Alabama.

Two of those teams include the Hazel Green and Bob Jones baseball teams; both squads feel like they still have a lot left to play for and are hoping they’ll still get the opportunity to play for a state championship.

“I think this kind of puts it into perspective for me as a coach and for our team that it can be taken away at any moment, so if we get a chance to return to play I think our guys will be re-energized, the coaching staff will be as well and hopefully we’ll come out hot,” said Bob Jones head coach Jared Smith. “Live every pitch and every game like it’s your last and play it like it is.”

The Patriots fell in the championship series last season, so after ending the year as the runner-up they’re more motivated than ever to bring a title back to the 256.

“We spend more time with each other than we do with our own families, so when you’re together so much as much as we are and are as close of a group as we are it hurt, but I’m still confident that we’re gonna get to finish the season,” said Hazel Green head coach Frankie Perez. “I’m gonna stay positive until they tell us that the season is over.”

Perez says he just wants closure for all of the seniors; he wants them to know that when their season is over it’s because they either won a title or got beat by a better team not because they weren’t able to finish the season.

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