HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A Grissom senior signed a letter of intent to play basketball with the University of Birmingham (UAB) on Friday.

Efrem “Butta” Johnson got his nickname because he so smooth on the court. In the fall, Johnson will start playing for the UAB Blazers. This makes him the first Grissom basketball player to play Division 1 ball in years.

Johnson says he’s thankful for everyone who helped him along the way and he can’t wait to get started at the next level.

Johnson stated, “It feels really good coming from where I come from. A lot of people don’t really make it into this position and the one’s who do make it and don’t do so well. So being here and doing it with my family is really exciting. UAB’s a really big building program and they’re coming up and I think UAB’s a really good place for me.”