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When the Fyffe Red Devils took the field for week six, they entered the game with the second-longest win streak in the nation.

When the clock struck zero, they made their 50th straight win against Plainview.

As if that’s not impressive enough, the program from Pennsylvania who had the longest streak in the country lost. So now the Red Devils sit at the top of the U.S. – so they’re getting some hardware – Fyffe’s the Tyler Mann team of the week for week six.

“You guys have won 50 games in a row which is super impressive, and now you lead the nation with the longest winning streak so you guys are the Tyler Mann team of the week for week six congrats!” Olivia Whitmire delivered the news to the team.

Fyffe 2021 Football Team

“It’s pretty insane honestly it’s crazy,” said Will Stephens. “We work hard, and hard work pays off in the end. Just take one game at a time and play as hard as you can that week and we don’t look ahead here. We just work as a team honestly it feels like we bond more.”

“I mean it does feel good but I don’t really know streaks are streaks we’re going to try and keep it going for as long as we can,” said Kyle Dukes. “We all want to win and we want to do what it takes and everybody seems like they want to listen and they take pride in everything they do.”

“At the end of the season we’ll be more proud than we are right now but right now it’s business as usual,” said Paul Benefield. “You don’t have streaks like this if you start celebrating so we’re not going to. We’re going to practice and all this stuff going on around, they’ve gotta block out, but it’s hard for kids to block all that out,” Benefield continued. “I think a coach at Alabama calls it ‘rat poison’, but everybody’s gotta do their job and I’ve gotta do my job so we’re gonna try to be focused on the next team.”

“That’s how you extend that streak one more week. They worked hard for it and I’m proud of them so we’ve gotta enjoy it and move on,” Benefield said. “There’s a lot of guys, a lot of parents, a lot of teachers, and principals, and people responsible for all of this, and it’s tough. And they don’t realize right now, we really haven’t got the time to enjoy it. It’s like one of our championships; you enjoy it for a week and you go back to work cause if you don’t, everybody’s gunning for you.”