From Florence High to North Alabama, Lions’ softball player Hannah Shollenberger hopeful for another season


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – It has been a great four years for Hannah Shollenberger with UNA Softball. Her senior season was cut short due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but if you thought this was the end of the road for the Florence native, think again.

Rocco DiSangro: The NCAA had said something about they’re going to offer seniors in spring and potentially winter sports but definitely spring sports an extra year whether they’re a senior, junior, sophomore whatever. Would you take that or do you already have a job lined up that you have plans to do?

Hannah Shollenberger: Well actually I am planning on going to come back next year, I’m going to start my masters, but like I said that one thing that is kind of iffy is if my shoulder will hold up you know I’m just hitting right now but it’s kind of hard especially with two shoulder surgeries it’s been bothering me again but I told Cozart if I can rest it for a little while I think I’ll be good to go. 

RD: What kind of conversations have you had with your teammates, because none of you have ever experienced anything like this in your lives of your careers.

HS: I was talking to Madison Daniel who I think it’s also coming back next year and just how we’re excited, and we just talked about how you never want to take your playing for granted. You always want to give that 110%, because you never know when your last play is gonna be, and actually Coach Thompson has sent that to us a couple days prior. You know having to cancel the season, and I never actually thought about it until you know it’d actually come to us and you know I wish I could’ve done this and that this season but now I know especially for last year I’m not going to take it for granted.

RD: What has your journey been like and how great is to look back and see where you’ve came from to what you’ve done now at UNA? 

HS: It’s been awesome you know, I was actually committed to somewhere else and I was actually telling my parents my senior year of high school you know I don’t want to leave Florence I want to stay at home you know I’m a home body and just being here with Coach Cozart. She does amazing with this program she’s so loving and caring and You know I feel like that’s why this program has been so successful is just who she is as a person. 

RD: What would be your message to student athletes at the high school at the college level trying to get through this and trying to come out of this a better person whatever it may be? 

HS: Like I said before don’t ever take anything for granted you know go 110 percent every single play because you you never know when that last play might be.

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