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After months of hard work, training and proving himself, a third Charger from the Class of 2021 will be taking the court at the professional level.

Seth Swalve made an impressive mark on the UAH Basketball program and now the Cullman native has made a dream that’s been in the making for about 10 years become a reality. Just a little far from home.

“Someone from school administration when I was like 14 they basically said ‘I don’t think any of you guys are gonna go pro or be able to take this basketball thing and make a living out of it’ and all I wanted to do was play basketball so I took that very personally,” Swalve told News 19. “You can try and prove people right and use that as positive motivation but sometimes you have to prove people wrong and whatever gets the job done, but I remember writing that down that quote on my wall. Ever since then I was kinda just focused on making this happen.”

After taking some time to train in New Castle, Swalve officially signed to play pro in Tbilisi, Georgia. Not the state next to Alabama by the country, just 17 hours away.

“It’s been a really good experience being here and learning from a lot of coaches here and adjusting to kind of the professional lifestyle and learning how everything works. There just always seems to be another hurdle to jump over but looking back I’m very grateful for all the things that I’ve had to overcome. I feel like I’ve learned a lot more than if I had gotten what I wanted right away,” Swalve said.

Since he’s been away from home for a little while now, Swalve says the shock factor about going pro overseas has worn off a little bit but since he signed it’s been nothing but joy.

He said he owes everything to his former coaches and teammates for helping him get here and he knows that every step along this difficult path has prepared him for this next adventure.

All the blood, sweat and tears over the years, paid off.