Former UAH hockey coach Mike Corbett discusses resignation from Charger program


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for the UAH hockey program.

At first they found out their program was being canceled and then after an incredible fundraising effort the program was saved; however, the team will be returning without head coach Mike Corbett.

On Wednesday, Corbett resigned from the Charger program after leading the team for seven seasons.

“Once they were looking at bringing it back everybody understands that everybody wanted change I think even the University wanted change and obviously the supporters wanted change and when change is being talked about tends to be the head coach of the team because there’s other changes that can’t be made,” Corbett said. “I had some conversations along the way with with the University and the supporters, and we kind of came to an agreement that there needs to be a new voice for the program and I understood it. That’s what I decided to do and you know what because the program means that much to me and I want the program to move forward.”

Assistant coach Lance West will be the interim head coach for the 2020-21 season. Corbett says he’s confident West will be a great fit for the team.

“I think he’s gonna do a fantastic job,” Corbett said. “I wanted to really push for that if I was going to resign I wanted Lance to be able to have the opportunity to run this program. He was a head coach for a year under similar circumstances at Alaska Fairbanks and did a fantastic job there and he’s an alumni. He’s an alumni through and through and he’s cared about this program and he’s been very loyal to me during the entire time and is a good hockey man he’s a good person. He loves this community and he loves the program. He knows what he’s up against and it’s going to be a battle it’s going to be hard but I think he’s definitely ready for the challenge.”

After seven years leading the Chargers, Corbett says the players and being with them is what he’ll miss most about his time at UAH.

“We brought in the right players. Their character and those types of things tend to get overlooked when everybody wants to look at wins and losses,” Corbett said. “We did a lot for that for those kids and I miss them because they’re good kids and they were kids that you wanted to you know you want to go to the rank with you want to help them become better.”

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