Former Sparkman Senator Xavier Hopkins finds college football home


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Xavier Hopkins always dreamed of playing college football ever since he was a little kid.

When he shined at Sparkman, he thought he was set to make it happen, but Hopkins hit a few bumps along the way.

“After my senior year, my recruiting kind of didn’t go the way I thought it would,” Hopkins said. “I got offers but they weren’t the offers that I thought I was gonna get. Fast forward the summer after I graduated, I was still looking for a school to play football and then I kind of got some word from Alabama State saying we’ll let you walk on. I do the paperwork, I sign everything, I do what I’m supposed to do and then once I got there they said ‘Hey you can’t practice or workout with us’. After that, I immediately call my mom, my dad, called my high school coach and was like I’ve gotta get out of here.”

Despite COVID-19 impacting college recruiting around the country, Hopkins found a new football home at Clark-Atlanta University. He said he’s thrilled to have the opportunity to play at the college level.

“God gave me a second chance,” Hopkins said. “He gave me second chance and he didn’t have to give it to me and there’s a lot of stuff in life and he just blesses and so he gave me a second chance and I’m a firm believer that I’m gonna make this count. I’m definitely gonna put on for my city, my school and I’m humbled I’m very humbled to just be in this situation.”

Hopkins said he never gave up on his dream to play college ball and he’s thankful that he kept searching for the right school for him.

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