Former Lee football standout Chester Rogers gives back to Huntsville community

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Chester Rogers shined on the gridiron for Lee High School before living out his lifelong dream of playing in the NFL.

The free agent, who most recently suited up for the Indianapolis Colts, is now using his platform for something much bigger than football.

“I knew I had to do something,” Rogers said. “It’s not much but I just wanted to give my time give my effort and do what I can do to help out during this hard time.”

A lot of people are struggling to put food on the table right now, so that’s why Rogers decided to step in; Rogers gave out free meals for families and children in Huntsville.

Rogers and his team of volunteers also brought meals to our first responders to say thank you for all of their hard work during the pandemic.

“I think everybody just needs to stay safe, just wait it out and protect yourself and just know that we’re all in this together,” Rogers said. “Anything I can do and I know my peers we’re gonna give back and just try to help everybody get through it that’s all we can do and just stay prayed up.”

Rogers says being able to help others is really what being a professional athlete is all about to him and he’s thankful to be one of the many stars that’s able to give back to the Huntsville area.

“It’s everything. You have to use your platform once you get it,” Rogers said. “The city it raised us, this whole community raised us and helped us get to where we are, so it’s only right that we give back. We had some very big plans coming this summer and I did something last year, but due to the Coronavirus we’re not gonna be able to do it so that’s why I had to come up with something new and it was just a perfect opportunity to give back. It makes it all worth it for me all the hard work and everything that comes with it just being able to give back it just makes it worth it. I’m trying to be a part of someone’s helping hand so just whatever I can do I’m gonna do it.”

Rogers is currently waiting for training centers to open back up and is looking forward to finding his next home in the NFL.

“I’ve just been home I’ve been rehabbing because I had an injury and I’ve just been trying to do whatever I can to stay active and stay on it,” Rogers said. “It’s hard because they shut gyms down they shut a lot of stuff down, so of course it’s affecting us but I mean I’m getting through it.”

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