Former James Clemens Jet Jamil Muhammad describes his decision to transfer to Georgia State

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MADISON, Ala. – Jamil Muhammad set his sights on the SEC, but being a guy who’d rather be on the field than the sidelines, he realized he might not get to start right away with the Commodores. He’s switching gears and packing his bags for Atlanta, where he’ll join the Georgia State Panthers squad in the Sunbelt Conference.

“It’s just building opportunity all around and that just screams my name opportunity and vision, and I feel like they just need some different pieces and I feel like I’m one of those key intricate pieces. I just feel like it was family-oriented, pretty much like Vandy, but the difference was they’re a young and growing program you know it’s just great opportunities all around you and it’s just up to you to be able to hold that opportunity in your hands and make the best of it,” said Muhammad.

His announcement to transfer means dealing with the NCAA, and Jamil says him and his new coach are gonna chase after his eligibility.

“We’re going to pursue a possible waiver and that way I can be in place to compete in different games but if not I’m good with rolling with a redshirt and just growing as a quarterback, a person, and a young man so I can be more ready for when the upcoming season comes,” explained Muhammad.

No matter what happens eligibility wise, there’s no guarantee he’ll start right away with the panthers.

“I’m ready for whatever God brings me. I’m glad to just be in this position,” said Muhammad.

Football season will be here before we know it, and Jamil just has one thing to say to his future Georgia State teammates.

“Let’s go get it, let’s go get a Sun Belt championship and let’s go strive for greater things,” stated Muhammad.

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