Former Alabama LB Eryk Anders eager to get back in the octagon May 16th

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Eryk Anders was a nightmare for quarterbacks in his playing days with Alabama Football. Now, the 33-year old mixed martial artist is punishing his opponents as a member of the UFC. His next fight is scheduled for May 16th, and he’s more than ready to step back into the octagon.

Rocco DiSangro: A lot of people in this state remember you from playing on that BCS National Championship team in 2009 winning a national championship with Alabama. What made you want to make the transition after a short stint in the NFL to stepping into the octagon. 

Eryk Anders: To be honest I got done playing football, I was doing the 9-5 thing you know working from home just living my life on repeat. The exercise and working out really gets the hormones and the endorphins flowing really makes you feel good afterwards so I was just looking to blow off some steam and work out a little bit and man just really fell in love with the sport. 

RD: Originally slated to fight on April 11th that’s not going to happen until May 16th now. What was that process like finding out that you know this whole thing got delayed but you guys are taking the safe approach.

EA: Well I think that the UFC was the last sport to postpone and cancel events and they’re going to be the first one to open back up and have events and stuff so I don’t think that Dana White ever made it a secret that the first opportune moment he could get to have a fight get the fights going agains that he would do so.

RD: Let’s talk about your opponent a little bit Krzysztof Jotko. When you study him when you look at what he’s done on paper and on film, what do you respect the most about his game?

EA: He’s very well rounded. He can wrestle, I don’t think he has too many submissions so I don’t know about his ju-jitsu but you know he’s relentless on the takedown. Super athletic guy. He’ll have the speed advantage but he doesn’t like the pressure so and that’s what I bring to the table. If I don’t do anything else you know I’m going to be in your face.

RD: How does this fight finish?

EA: Man I believe I go out there and finish Jotko. Knockout or TKO I think the pressure just makes him quit and you know I just got to go out there and do what I do and be me.

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