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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Last season when Hartselle and muscle shoals met up, they were both undefeated, but the tigers ran away with the victory. This season, is a similar story. Both teams were once again undefeated, but this time a 43-yard touchdown run by Ri Fletcher with 17 seconds left gave the tigers the win to improve to 7-0. For that, Hartselle is the week six Tyler Mann Team of the Week!

“They’re very well coached, they gave us some trouble scheme wise so it was different, every game is different, every team is different so we didn’t expect to score 50 points like last year, we had to fight scratch and crawl to score 29. Proud of the kids, proud of them for staying poised and calm and believing and trusting in what we’re doing,” Hartselle head coach Bryan Moore said.

“We just had to be able to keep our composure because we had not been in a game like that this year yet other than maybe Gadsden City, and watching the field goal try, all you can do at that point is hype the crowd up and hope that it’s short or misses. He’s a great field goal kicker, he made a bunch that night, kept them in the game and so when we knew that he missed it, it was like a huge weight off of our shoulders just to finally know that the game was over with and that we had won. That’s the standard here, we don’t expect to lose any game we ever go into so just being able to win and just keep where we want to be is always great,” Hartselle senior quarterback Jack Smith added.

“It was by far the most action-packed game I’ve had in my high school career. It gives us some confidence but not much changes, we still have to focus, we’re undefeated but we still want a state championship. The game’s like this only make us better and it teaches us a lot of lessons on how to not quit competing,” Hartselle junior safety Peyton Steele said.

“Lot of confidence, still a lot left though, two big region games coming up with Athens and Decatur that we have to win to finish our task. You want to play those games, we’ve been to Gadsden City, Oxford, and Muscle Shoals on the road three weeks in a row, that was all by design to get us going and to compete on the road again in a tough environment, we’re battle-tested and hopefully, we’re able to hold up to the end. This year, we’ve been through some, again, some wars no doubt and it’s been a grind but we’ll be more ready for the playoffs,” Moore added.