Road Trippin’ With Rocco & Olivia Day Three: Fyffe, Plainview, Sylvania, Fort Payne

Football Friday

DEKALB COUNTY – Episode three of Road Trippin’ With Rocco & Olivia featured four teams from DeKalb County.

In this edition, we preview the Fyffe Red Devils, Plainview Bears, Sylvania Rams and Fort Payne Wildcats.

Stop One

Fyffe Red Devils

2020 record: 15-0

Head Coach: Paul Benefield

The Red Devils had yet another perfect season where they earned their third straight state championship; the Fyffe football program hasn’t lost a game since November 24, 2017. It’s easy to think after winning three rings in a row that that’s all that matters but head coach Paul Benefield says that’s not the case in Fyffe.

“We just try to do what we’re supposed to do that day. I think they’ll tell you I don’t get up and make speeches about winning the state,” Benefield said. “We want to be winners and we can be winners in lots of ways other than winning state that just sometimes happens, but you can prepare and do everything it takes to be a winner and play as hard as you can play and you are a winner regardless of the end of the year.”

Stop Two

Plainview Bears

2020 record: 10-2

Head Coach: Nick Ledbetter

The Bears finished second in their region last season and head coach Nick Ledbetter says 2020 was a great year for their team but that’s in the past and now they’ve focused on what’s to come.

“We want to get back to where you see us on the schedule that’s a team that you know you’re gonna have a fight for to win and that’s our ultimate goal but last year’s teams over that’s in the history books,” Ledbetter said. “This is a new football team and they have the opportunity to do just the same or do just as better or do just as worse.”

Stop Three

Sylvania Rams

2020 record: 5-6

Head Coach: Tyler Vann

Coming off a 5-5 regular season with a first round playoff appearance, the Rams have a hew head coach heading into the upcoming season; Tyler Vann knows what football means to this community and he says he’s ready to embrace the challenge of his first season at Sylvania.

“Sylvania’s a place if you’re a football coach you care about football and you wanna play in a tough region and you wanna make yourself better Sylvania’s a job you want,” Vann said. “If you don’t win football games more than likely you’re getting fired so if you don’t like that then you’re in the wrong profession. I enjoy that I like the pressure I wanna be good I wanna be great I wanna push these guys to be great so I enjoy the job, I’m glad I got the job I’m blessed.”

Stop Four

Fort Payne Wildcats

2020 record: 8-3

Head Coach: Chris Elmore

The Wildcats are coming off an 8-2 regular season with a first round playoff appearance. Head coach Chris Elmore says looking ahead to the 2021 season he can’t predict exactly how it will go, but with this group he knows no matter what the score is when the game clock strikes zero they’ll be ready to work to get better each and every week.

“I don’t know how many games we’ll win I have no idea but I feel confident to say I think these guys will be ready to play every Friday night and then if we’re good enough to beat the team they’re playing then we will and if we’re not and they’re better than we are they’re just better than we are,” Elmore said. “I think this group will show back up the next Monday ready to get better again how do we improve how do we make ourselves better?”

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