Road Trippin’ With Rocco & Olivia Day Seven: Austin, Decatur, Decatur Heritage

Football Friday

DECATUR, Ala. – Episode seven of Road Trippin’ With Rocco & Olivia featured three teams from Decatur.

In this edition, we preview the Austin Black Bears, Decatur Red Raiders, and the Decatur Heritage Eagles.

Stop One

Austin Black Bears

2020 record: 8-3

Head Coach: Jeremy Perkins

The Austin offense has been relentless the past few seasons, but several of the Black Bears’ playmakers graduated; even though they have holes to fill, they’re doing so with upperclassmen who have patiently waited their turn and head coach Jeremy Perkins says he’s looking forward to seeing those guys leave their mark on the program.

“They got to learn from really good players and watch them do it and they’ve got their own experiences as well but it’s that eagerness that drive, the determination and the whole it’s finally my chance to step up and kind of be in the spotlight so I think that’s a motivating factor for them,” Perkins said.

Stop Two

Decatur Red Raiders

2020 record: 2-8

Head Coach: Jere Adcock

Longtime head coach Jere Adcock is entering his 26th season leading the Red Raiders and he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Adcock has seen a lot of teams come through the Decatur program, so what sticks out to him about the 2021 team?

“The energy they’ve got and this group has a mindset that things have got to change that we’ve got to get back to where we were and who we are that’s their mindset right now,” Adcock said. “Their expectations are very high and they’re demanding it out of each other and out of themselves first of all and then everybody else.”

Stop Three

Decatur Heritage Eagles

2020 record: 9-3

Head Coach: Steve Meek

The Eagles opened the 2020 season with two losses but then they went on to win eight straight games to take the Class 1A Region 8 title. Head coach Steve Meek says when you watch this team play you can tell how hard they work on Friday nights, but there’s something special about this team that Eagles fans might not see week in and week out on the field.

“How much they care for each other. They all buy into the system the guys know what we do and how we want them to do it and the old guys help coach the young guys,” Meek said. “They don’t cheap shot them, they don’t bully them and they genuinely want them to succeed. If they knock one down they help them up, if one gets yelled at by a coach an older guy will go over there and put his arm around him and say hey here’s what you did wrong let’s get it right next time.”

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