Road Trippin’ With Rocco & Olivia Day Nine: Fayetteville, Lincoln County, Buckhorn, Hazel Green

Football Friday

Episode eleven of Road Trippin’ With Rocco & Olivia featured two teams from Tennessee and then two from Alabama.

In this edition, we preview the Fayetteville Tigers, Lincoln County Falcons, Buckhorn Bucks, and the Hazel Green Trojans.

Stop One

Fayetteville Tigers

2020 record: 13-2

Head Coach: Kenny Morson

The Fayetteville Tigers are coming off their first state championship in program history so spirits are high heading into the 2021 season. Head coach Kenny Morson says he’s impressed with his team’s work this offseason, but he has to remind them that just because they won a ring last year doesn’t mean it’ll be smooth sailing this go-round.

“To be honest it’s been tough bringing the guys back down to Earth and trying to make them understand that it doesn’t come easy. It’s not going to be just given to them just because of a state title last year that doesn’t mean a hill of beans this year, so we’re trying to get the guys to understand that they’ve got to work,” Morson said. “We’re just trying to see where our guys are at this juncture of this program over the last three years to see the upgrade in the schedule playing some 2As and 4As and hopefully that’ll help prepare us for the playoffs down the road.”

Stop Two

Lincoln County Falcons

2020 record: 3-8

Head Coach: Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose is entering his second season as the head coach of the Lincoln County program. Rose says he’s known since day one that this was going to be a rebuilding process that took a few years but he thinks they’re on the right path. Rose says he’s impressed with the energy and hard work that his team is bringing to the field each and every day and he believes that the fight they’re giving right now will pay off in the long run for the Falcons.

“The future’s going to be very bright and I think a year from today we’re gonna be on really firm ground. This year’s going to be a challenge it’s tough to play a varsity football schedule with a senior class of six kids, but we’ve just got to focus on getting better every day, take it one step at a time, hitting that weight room 1,000 miles an hour, and nutrition and gaining weight and our guys have done that,” Rose said. “We’re getting better from an execution standpoint every day we know what we’re doing but again half of our team can’t drive our cars so there’s some maturation there that we’ve got to go through but again we knew that from day one.”

Stop Three

Buckhorn Bucks

2020 record: 4-6

Head Coach: Matt Patterson

The Bucks are gearing up for the upcoming season under first-year head coach Matt Patterson; Patterson says his guys have done everything he’s asked since his arrival to the program and he’s looking forward to getting the season underway.

“They’re extremely hungry they’re ready to play Friday night they’ve been ready,” Patterson said. “They’ve been probably ready to play for about a week. Schematically maybe not so much but energy-wise and wanting to see someone else because we’ve been doing this since May. We’ve just got to be mentally focused and we’ve got to do the little things right. I’m a firm believer that the game is won probably Thursday at about five o’clock the winner or loser is going to be decided it’s not going to be decided at seven when we kickoff.”

Stop Four

Hazel Green Trojans

2020 record: 3-7

Head Coach: Joel Schrenk

Hazel Green is coming off a 3-7 season and they’re looking to make their first playoff appearance since 2018; getting to the postseason won’t be an easy feat and head coach Joel Schrenk says for right now the thought of playoff action is on the back burner.

“We’re a 1-0 team. Our only focus is we’ve got to win this week, we’ve got to do our job this week and we’ve got to execute this day,” Schrenk said. “There’s just a lot of excitement, a lot of comradery, a lot of team chemistry and we worked on culture a lot all summer so we’re really excited about all of those things.”

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