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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The regular season is now a thing of the past and we have reached the playoffs. This postseason is special for Randolph because they’re hosting a playoff game for the first time.

When we caught up with the Randolph Raiders in the preseason this team’s goal was to host a first-round playoff game for the first time ever. Mission Accomplished. SportsMed Field is the site of our Jack’s Game of the Week between Randolph and Fayette County.

With a home-field advantage, the Raiders have a new goal in mind winning a playoff game for the first time ever. This is a group that can get it done. Both Randolph and Fayette County went into the night allowing less than 14 points per game on the defensive said of the ball.

We spoke with Randolph Head Coach David Lloyd before the game.

On the offensive side, Randolph is averaging just under 37 points per game.

Randolph gets the win 38-0.