FYFFE Ala. (WHNT) — Peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, those are things that just go together.

Fyffe being one of the top teams in all of class 2A and being in contention for a region title also goes hand in hand.

While the Red Devils know a thing or two about winning region titles 26 to be exact. Pisgah is trying to bring one home themselves.

Fyffe took down Pisgah twice last year, once in the regular season and then in the state semifinals so these Eagles are hungry.

No score in this one but Eagles with the ball Luke Gilbert connects with Jakob Kirby breaks from a defender and he’s got his eyes set on the endzone. He makes it all the way for the first touchdown of the game two-point try is no good but Pisgah strikes first on the road.

So now let’s see what Fyffe can do Logan Anderson punches it up the middle for the first six for the home team. They go for two get it and Fyffe takes the lead.

So Pisgah’s offense back on the field. Mason Holcomb drops back, has a ton of time to wait, and finds a wide-open Luke Gilbert. He beats out a defender and then he makes his way across the goal line for six more it’s now a 16-12 Red Devils ball game.

Fyffe wasn’t done there again they gave it to Anderson and that just seemed like a good idea, that man is hard to stop. 47-yard score as Fyffe takes the lead.

Fyffe runs away with it 56-42 and the Red Devils are Class 2A Region 7 champions once again