DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — There really is nothing like a rivalry matchup and the River City rivalry is one of North Alabama’s best.

Austin and Decatur are separated by less than 10 miles, so a lot of these young men who play for the Black Bears and Red Raiders grew up around each other, maybe even as teammates on the gridiron when they were little.

But the second the helmets come on in this matchup– none of that matters– because bragging rights for the next 365 are on the line.

Decatur won 28-14 last season to snap a seven-game series losing streak and increase the Red Raiders all-time lead to 37-23.

But it’s a new year with new teams, so let’s head to Ogle Stadium to see who gets to be kings of the River City for the next year.

A great crowd out in Decatur tonight and I wouldn’t imagine it any other way for the River City rivalry.

Red Raiders offense on the field to start us off, but the highlights coming from the visitors, Bradin Dupper looks to throw but Achilles Woods gets through the cracks and comes in hot with the hit, the ball pops loose, Raiders recover but it’s fourth down.

Now we’ve got the Black Bears’ offense in the red zone. Gavin Fuqua takes the direct snap, he’ll bounce to his right and cross the goal line for six, touchdown Austin for the first points of the contest.

And that’s not the last we’d see from Fuqua tonight, Judd Bailey feeding him this time, he’ll pick up the first down and then some.

Black Bears back in the red zone and guess whose name I’m gonna say Bailey feeds Fuqua again. He’ll cross the goal line untouched for his second touchdown of the half.

The Black Bears improves to 2-0 on the season with the 35-3 victory.