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Arab vs. Hazel Green

Final Score: Arab 49, Hazel Green 21

Austin vs. Huntsville

Final Score: Huntsville 45, Austin 31

Brooks vs. Deshler

Final Score: Deshler 48, Brooks 32

Buckhorn vs. Decatur

Final Score: Decatur 52, Buckhorn 14

Florence vs. Sparkman

Final Score: Florence 21, Sparkman 0

Geraldine vs. Glencoe

Final Score: Geraldine 49, Glencoe 27

Grissom vs. James Clemens

Final Score: James Clemens 63, Grissom 27

Hatton vs. Red Bay

Final Score: Hatton 38, Red Bay 22

Lexington vs. Sheffield

Final Score: Lexington 75, Sheffield 27

Madison County vs. JPII

Final Score: Madison County 47, JPII 31

New Hope vs. Westminster Christian

Final Score: Westminster Christian 46, New Hope 14

Priceville vs. Randolph

Final Score: Priceville 35, Randolph 21

Sylvania vs. Westbrook Christian

Final Score: Sylvania 45, Westbrook Christian 22

Coach’s Corner with Mars Hill’s Daryl Higgins