Football Friday Preview: North Sand Mountain Bison

Football Friday

RAINESVILLE, Ala. – The North Sand Mountain Bison were one of fifteen teams in attendance at Jackson and Dekalb County Media Day.

Before Keith Kirby took over as the North Sand Mountain head football coach, the Bison had only won three playoff games ever. In Kirby’s five year tenure in Higdon alone, the Blue and White has won four.

In 2020 Kirby became the winningest coach in program history, and North Sand Mountain set a single season record with 11 wins. Kirby, a former player has seen the Bison face their fair share of challenges over the years, but things are looking up in Hidgon. The North Sand Mountain head coach is happy to be at the forefront of this team’s success.

“It’s exciting you know my dad was the coach and it didn’t always go the way he wanted it to go,” said Kirby. “I’ve seen some bad times there you know we’re just trying to avoid them at all costs so it’s really exciting to be a part of what we’ve been doing so makes you proud of it and try to keep it rolling.”

North Sand Mountain opens the season August 27th against Woodville.

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