Football Friday Preview: Lee Generals

Football Friday

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – In high school football, the weight room plays a huge role in future success. How a team goes about conditioning many times translates to the product they put on the field. Lee first year head coach Irving McGuire for example has spent the offseason joining in on his team’s workouts. That lead by example mentality has translated.

“I still got a little bit of youngness in me so I’m gonna get right in there in the trenches and we gonna fight for it,” said McGuire. “Attitude and culture really does start in the weight room, we want to play a physical brand of football and it’s definitely going to start in the weight room.”

 His players have taken notice, and it didn’t take them too long to buy in.    

“When he came in I had a high expectation for him because I heard a lot about him,” said junior wide receiver Jordan Bell. “I feel like nobody lied to me about it it was like he came in he took charge, he works out with us, he keeps a good mentality at all times.”

Lee opens the 2021 season August 20th against Columbia.

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