Football Friday Preview: Ardmore Tigers

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ARDMORE, Ala. – Thursday marks the fourth day of high school football practice; the Ardmore Tigers getting after it Thursday afternoon as they prep for their upcoming season.

Tigers’ head coach P.J. Wright is heading into his second season with Ardmore after coming off a 4-6 record his first year. Wright says he’s staying focused on his squad and improving their team and not looking ahead to their opponents; in fact, they haven’t even looked at their first opponent yet.

“We haven’t even looked at West Morgan yet,” Wright said. “We’re so concerned about us and if we can focus on us and get better every day we’re out here, then we’ll come together. The wins will come we try not to preach wins though we try to preach just being good football players and being good people because football is the greatest game.”

Wright says they’re taking the time during fall practice to find the guys who will lead the team, and at this point it could be anyone.

“We’re trying to find them and that’s what camp’s all about is finding the leaders and finding the ones that will step up we do have some young kids that are stepping up,” Wright said. “The enthusiasm level’s there we’re very enthusiastic it’s a fun time football’s fun it’s meant to be fun it’s a game and that’s what we preach to our guys. I know it’s only been one week but it feels like about four.”

The Tigers open their season at West Morgan on August 23.

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