Fayetteville Tigers to forfeit wins, lose playoff chance during their #StateforTate push

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. – The Fayetteville High School football program will reportedly have to forfeit seven wins this season because of an ineligible player.

TNHighSchoolFootball.com reports the team will forfeit wins over Marion County, Huntland, Mt. Pleasant, Moore County, Richland and Cornersville. The Tigers will now miss the Class 1A playoffs and the school will also pay a $600 fine.

The TSSAA ruled that a player had moved to a residence outside of the Fayetteville High School district before the start of the 2019-2020 school year rendering him ineligible.

The Tigers’ current overall record is 3-6 now after starting the season with nine straight wins.

The Fayetteville administration has an appeal meeting with the TSSAA Board of Control on Tuesday, October 29.

#StateforTate movement

Thursday night, parents and kids in Fayetteville were paid tribute to a fellow student who died earlier this month. Senior Tate Tuten was killed in a car crash on October 5.

Before the game, as the seniors were on the field with their parents, the school framed Tuten’s jersey and presented it to his parents.

Students and the football team wore Tate’s number 12. The visiting Whitwell Tigers also wore an orange 12 on their helmets.

Next Friday, Fayetteville will travel for their last game before the playoffs start.

The team said they plan to take Tate’s road jersey with them for the rest of the year. They started social media accounts in the hopes of going all the way to State for Tate.




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