ESPN Report: Los Angeles Angels failing in treatment at minor league level


According to an ESPN article that came out Friday afternoon, Major League Baseball’s attempt to raise Minor League player’s salaries by cutting down on the number of teams is not working.

At least it’s not working for the Angels minor league organization.

The ESPN article has an interview with Rocket City Trash Pandas pitcher Kieran Lovegrove. In the article, he talks about living with six other teammates in a three-bedroom apartment, sleeping on a twin mattress, with one person sleeping in the kitchen and two others in the living room.

Lovegrove told ESPN reporter Joon Lee that he has worked multiple jobs to keep his professional baseball career funded.

He also told ESPN, “It’s gotten to the point now where there are guys who are in a serious mental health crisis because of how stressful money is here.”

Los Angeles Angels General Manager Perry Minasian told ESPN that what is being reported is unacceptable and that they will be looking into it and will address it.

News 19 asked Trash Panadas’ manager Jay Bell if he was aware of the Lovegrove’s comments following Friday night’s game.

Bell had this to say, “You don’t get paid like you do at the major league level as a minor leaguer. I have two boys that are playing and I know exactly how much money they are making, and it’s a difficult lifestyle for those players. My older son just had a child yesterday and so money is certainly a concern. It is something that matters to these guys. What I would recommend to anybody who is trying to have dialogue would be to have dialogue that honors the person you’re trying to get your point across to.”

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