Drew Mathers wins 2019 Daikin Spirit of America Classic

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DECATUR, Ala. – It all started with the sponsor scramble, practice rounds, and then four rounds of golf and now a champion has been crowned. Drew Mathers is the 2019 Daikin Spirit of America Champion finishing 13 under par with a 271 total and a 68 for round four.

“I’m just really excited to be able to win a tournament this summer. This is my second win I’ve had this summer so you know I was pretty nervous coming down there down the stretch, but I’m really happy and hopefully I can keep confidence through the school season,” Mathers said. “It was fun especially playing with Matt and Brooks. I know Brooks has won twice in a row it was fun playing with both of them great guys and it was good playing with guys who have experience around here so it was fun.”

This was Mathers’ first year playing in the Spirit, which is impressive enough considering the fact that many of the golfers in this tournament have played in this one before and many of them have for several years.

“Off the tee going into this tournament I was really I was struggling off the tee and around here you don’t really have to drive it that much so I was just focused on trying to hit it in play and then take advantage from there, so if I get it in the fairway anything can happen,” Mathers said. “The course is great I’ve always heard great things about it like I said it’s perfect out there the greens are rolling really good so it was definitely nice.”

Mathers said he looks forward to coming back to Burningtree County Club to play in the Spirit again in the future.