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DECATUR, Ala. – The Decatur Red Raiders finished 2-8 last season and missed out on a spot in the playoffs.

Head coach Jere Adcock is gearing up for his 25th season leading the Red Raiders and he’s thrilled to be back in action with his team.

“All we can do is say ‘hey we’re gonna play tomorrow and we’re gonna practice the next day’. We’ve just gotta do what we can do the way we know best to do it,” Adcock said.

Adcock says there’s a lot of room for improvement for his team and they’re looking forward to seeing the changes they’ve made with this year’s group play out on the field.

“It’s just a matter of trying to get better every day,” Adcock said. “We’re extremely young we’re gonna be playing a lot of young kids, so we’re in a work in progress but we’ve gotta be upbeat about these young kids and they’ve gotta grow and develop. They’re only gonna get better every week, so that’s what we’re trying to stress to them.”

After the record they finished with last year, the guys on this year’s squad are looking to prove themselves this year and hope they can finish stronger than they did in 2019.

“Going 2-8 we use it as more of a motivation. We have tunnel vision right now pretty much we have a chip on our shoulder and we’re trying to improve upon last year,” said Decatur senior quarterback Grayson Vermeire. “There was a lot of uncertainty in the air but we’re definitely blessed to be out here and have the opportunity to actually play this year with everything going on.”

The Red Raiders are set to open the season on Thursday, August 20 hosting Russellville.