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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – There’s a new man in charge on Garth road, and his name is David Lloyd. Just like he was able to do at JPII, the first year head coach of the Raiders looks to bring Randolph its first ever playoff win.

Randolph School athletic director Blake Davenport received a handful of applications for the Raiders’ head coaching vacancy when Blake Killen left to take a defensive backs coaching position at Decatur. There was just something about Lloyd that made him the right fit.

“He brings the experience and the expertise being in this environment and that he’s proven to be really good the past three schools that he’s been at,” said Davenport.

“Things kind of worked out and it was a great opportunity for my family and a good opportunity to come over here,” added Lloyd. “We’re excited to be here and we’re ready to get going.”

For players, a coaching change is never easy, but in just two days, Lloyd feels like they have responded really well.

“I think we all love him,” said senior linebacker Carter Wimberly. “He’s a great guy he’s got a great resume I’m excited to have him as an actual coach out in the field practicing and stuff like that.”

“I’ve heard real good things about him so I’m excited,” said sophomore quarterback Andrew Hunter. “I just hope to be the best that we can and make it show.”

“He kicked our butt last year but we have him this year so I’ve heard he’s a pretty good coach,” said Wimberly.

Lloyd hopes his new team can compete well in its region in 2020, and of course make the playoffs. The Raiders open the season on August 21 at Elkmont.