(WHNT) — Football season may have just barely started, but fans across the country are already busy tweeting out their two cents — with a lot of them thinking that the Alabama Crimson Tide football team is, well, overrated.

Geotagged Twitter data taken from the first two weeks of the college football season tracked the keyword “overrated” or #overrated in over 300,000 tweets, resulting in a map showing which team each state deems as idolized a little too much.

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The data shows that no other team beat out these six in being termed as overrated:

  • Utah – 14 states
  • Notre Dame – 13 states
  • Alabama – 12 states
  • Oregon – 4 states
  • Texas – 4 states
  • Florida – 3 states

Most of the western half of the U.S. went with Utah, while the northeast deemed Notre Dame as the most overrated. A nice little huddle of Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas think the Gators are full of themselves, while a chunk smack dab in the middle of America’s heartland think the Longhorns are a tad much.

The Alabama Crimson Tide was named the third-most overrated in a scattering of states across the country, ranging from Texas, Ohio, Maine, Georgia and others. You can see the full map below:

What’s your take? Do you disagree?

To learn more about how geotagged tweets are tracked, click here.