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The high school regular season is in the books! Eleven weeks full of incredible touchdowns, tackles and more. Here’s a look at the top plays for week 10.

Play five – Florence hosting Gardendale.

The Rockets on offense. Will Crowder bobbles the snap, gathers himself, but by the time he does the Falcons are in pursuit. That is AJ Lee in the heat seeking missile for the quarterback sack and down goes Crowder.

A great play for Lee and of course he had to hit us with the flex to cap it off.

Play four is coming from a rivalry matchup – Albertville vs. Guntersville.

First drive for the Wildcats. Cole McCarthy is looking for his man. He connects with Jack Harris deep in the endzone. Harris with the catch for the score with an Aggie defender all over him.

Plays like that are why Guntersville finished with an undefeated regular season record.

For play three. let’s go to our game of the week – Brooks vs. Lauderdale County.

Lions with ball. Backed up practically into the endzone. No problem though. Kyler Murks rolls out of the pocket and launches one deep. Knute Wood is there to bring it in. He stops to make one defender miss, pushes him to the side, then turns on the jets for the touchdown.

Play number two – Decatur vs. Huntsville.

Panthers in the redzone. Just watch Carlin Long go to work here. Starts left and cuts back to the right. At least four defenders hit the ground trying to bring him down. Heck of a play by Long to find paydirt.

Number 21 making some money moves to put six on the board.

Play number one – Colbert County vs. Deshler.

Kendarius Anderson takes the snap for the Tigers. He’s looking to throw, but Thomas Newsome says not today. Newsome brings Anderson down and the ball pops loose. Ryan Smart is there for the scoop and Smart will get the score taking this one all the way back.